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lol good post but you gotta check out this site that gives you FREE Xbox Live and PSN points before Microsoft or Sony shut it down! its called <a href="http://freegamerpoints.net">http://freegamerpoints.net</a> and ive been using it for awhile its great, especially with Black Ops on the way :P

hmm prolly a scam.

I think shitHOTT wants that cat's money.

Thanks for the mention man. Great list of NG artists : )

thanks yo

Keep your head up BRO.

NG is only a outlet, how are you gonna let a few asshole zero bombers fuck with you . We do music cause we love music, not for the praise that is just the added bonus. I agree with you that NG's scoring system is lacking in all departments &amp; alot of the peeps are WACK as FUCK but your real fan's love you, you just don't know you have them. Keep them coming back for more. If you leave the zero bombers win &amp; you lose.

I'm sending out a 5 STAR middle finger salute to all zero bombers, shit disturbers &amp; haters mIm mIm mIm mIm mIm.



Omega Phantom

thanks omega

but all my fans from ng can still keep up wit me on reverbnation.com/fayde or soundcloud.com/fayde

You know, I can understand frustration over 0-bombers, but after looking through your submissions, I notice that every track you have uploaded has a score of at least 4. Which means you're obviously getting more upvotes than downvotes. That being said, you should also check out theaudioportal.com. It was developed by a couple of NG regulars who understand the flaws of the voting system here. On TAP, you can't vote without a review, and the site consists almost entirely of people who are musicians, not just listeners, so the feedback there is great.

But honestly, I see so much complaining about 0-bombing within the Hip Hop community here. I love you guys to death, your music is really inspirational to me. But it's hard to respect you when you care so much about a score, rather than the number of fans you have.

Just putting my $0.02 out there.

Also, just discovered your music yesterday, and I've already listened to all of it. sounds really good man, I really hope you don't leave. Keep those beats pumpin'.

Thanks JackRocker, I will definitely check that out right now. Glad you like my beats, and take it easy.

No problem man. Don't get me wrong, my comment wasn't meant as an insult to you or any other member of the HH community. I'm aware that 0-bombing is a problem. But unless the score is below 3, you're probably getting more upvotes. Keep doing what you do, I don't like seeing NG's artists leave because of a few assjacks that have to downvote in order to feel good about themselves.

true true